You have now arrived in Upsiderella Town!

Everything has been turned upside down! Join Trebol as it finds itself in a flooded town where Venice-looking gondoliers wearing striped t-shirts and giant straw boater hats are waiting to take customers on a water tour over umbrella gondolas!

The wait has been long, but not in vain — Fantasino’s new Quest comes will 15 brand new Missions that will have you singing everytime a new reward is unlocked.

It’s all so watery in here! And prizes are hidden all over the slippery place. €1 Reel Rush Free Spins will be awarded to you by one of the gondoliers you’ll encounter in your journey across this funky town.

How about some Free Spins on Dead or Alive? A good bounty is waiting behind a waterfall… or is it over a bridge? How about lots of Tokens to exchange for NEW goodies at the store? Let your instinct guide you to Upsiderella’s rewards and be amazed.

Whatever floats your boat, let it float in Upsiderella Town. Play, Win and Explore only at Fantasino!


The Fantasino Team